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Wedding Return Gift Ideas

“Wedding the most important celebration in one’s life is indeed the beginning of a wholesome commitment and generous relation. A bond that grows each moment, each day and is a union of two souls.”
“Though wedding rituals are elaborative in India and segmented in number of ceremonies, each signifying a special purpose and primarily brings families close”

Weddings in India witnesses the gorgeous Bride draped in colourful Sari and the Groom in a designer Sherwani. Traditionally wedding ceremonies are a family union where two families unite in presence of the social community relatives and loved ones to bring two individual together and bless the newly-weds. There are more than 4-5 occasions those are highly significant for both the families, exchange of gifts, the rituals, traditional dresses creates a beautiful artistry right from the ‘roka’ ceremony to the vidaii.

In UK and US, the weddings are beautifully planned, though they have lesser rituals than those in Indian families, the wedding ceremony basically starts with family dinner, an engagement where the would-be-couple agrees to the wedding and consents the proceedings for the big wedding day. Preparation for the stunning wedding gowns in white, bridesmaid, wine, cheese &chocolates, wedding present, commitment and thanksgiving.

Wedding – The Purest Bond

Wedding ceremonies across the world beholds another key element which holds great significance –the wedding gifts and wedding return gift ideas. Momentous  pre-wedding events such as the ‘grah santi’ which involves purifying the household for the ceremonial beginning followed by ‘roka’ which reinstates the wedding discussion and confirms the two families of the big union all calls for exchanges and appreciation and what better way to express with amazing wedding gift collection. For the Mehndi or Sangeet ceremony, try out the gorgeous potli bag collectibles that would match perfectly with your colourful attire and  add a glamour accessory to your wardrobe gift the bride a memorable white metal product as a token or a decorative marble  item –trust us  she would treasure it for life .Wedding reception, dinner  or other associated ceremonies  often leaves you searching the perfect gift for your loved one .Rest assured – our Wedding Gift section will resolve and provide answer to all your searches effortlessly.

Potli Bags With Different Varieties:

The variety of Potli Bags that we house are each crafted with unique creativity, they are bright, artistically colour coordinated, made of exquisite  fabric such as velvet which are carefully designed with intrinsic aplic work, zari karigari, defined zari piping in various shapes that soothes your eye completely.
These Potli bags beholds both traditional and ultra-modern look that seems just the perfect one for a return gift item. The Potli bags add glamorous look and oodles of class and style. An ideal collectible item and wedding return gift item.
Select from a range of unparalleled Potli bags and carry home a classic extravaganza.

Decorative Silver Plated Items Like Bowls, Pooja Items, And Pooja Thali etc…

Weddings are all about traditional set up, ceremonial events and ritualistic specials and all that makes it complete is the selection of perfect wedding return gift ideas. Being traditional calls for Special decorative silver plated items such as Silver plated bowls which speaks of luxury and prosperity. The silver plated Pooja items, Designer Bowls, crafty Pooja thali, auspicious Silver plated Diya beholds emotions and our feeling. Flawlessly crafted silver plated items are the first preference for wedding return gifts.

Decorative Marble Items

Wedding return gifts is not only a simple giveaway or a present; it means much more than that. A perfectly elected wedding gift item can go a long way strengthening your relationship with the family. Decorative items are best as they are each Uniquely Designed with accessorized patterns and seasonal décor. Each of our marble items such as the white marble statues and sculptures, artefacts, decorative candelabras, show bowls and more are just the perfect wedding gift items. Since Marble represents clarity and self-sustenance, it wills brings firm stability and binds emotions in pure expressions.

Pure Silver Items For Return Gifts

Pure Silver items for wedding gifts and return gifts are sober and well thought gifting items. These products are usually given to close relatives, friends and people who mean to you a lot. As we all know Silver is an auspicious product and is believed to bring in peace, harmony and hence is an ideal gift item. There are a range of pure silver items in our gallery such as dinnerware, serve ware, decorative items, Pooja specials, luxurious showcase wonders and of course the conventional silver Bowls, Plates, Cutlery and sets of two, four and six products .Each signifying a purposeful giveaway.

White Metal Items

Unique and sparkling white metal items are quite a preferred wedding return gift item; they represent the true traditional display. The crafty work in cow and calf idols, the moonlit divas and the divine god idols created in white metal stands next to none. Each white metal items enchants and surpasses in totality. These items are mostly used for Puja ceremonies and as well add a shine in your showcase and artefact racks. High in look and simple to maintain makes it one of the most preferred choices of our customers online.

Complementary Items

At times we do purchase the most liked gift yet it does not set the tone right , we have in our wedding return gift item section selected few of the most important items such as decorative trays , handmade fancy envelopes (can be used for ‘shagan’) jewellery boxes that can be gifted as an add on item if you gifting jewellery , kumkum holder as an accessory to the bridal giveaway, multilayer saree covers ,handy paper bags and more . This section helps you add on a plus value since they compliment the other gifts and makes a perfect collected gift set.

Sweets And Chocolates

Weddings all over the world can never be complete without a box of sweets and lip smacking chocolates, we have brought together a classic range of sweets which can be packed in a variety of hamper boxes, With a deep rooted tradition and auspiciousness, sweets or ‘mithai’s’ is been offered to all the guests attending the weddings as a small gesture of appreciation of attending such a joyous event. Everyone understands the purpose of handing out sweets, hampers or chocolates at weddings. Our range will make it easier for you to select what suits you the most

“Wedding ceremonies are occasions that requires you to select gifts to be given as return gifts and also gifts which can be gifted to the newly-weds – we have selected variety of wedding gifts in this segment which caters perfectly for pre –post wedding ceremonies and also as wedding return gift items”
“We invite you to browse through our collectible items of wedding return gift items that are carefully selected for the Wedding gift section and unveil the Pandora of options that will simple make you feel, you have arrived where you should”

Happy celebration!


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