Silver gift ideas for housewarming ceremony

In India, gold and silver are seen as valuable charms for blessing a space. They are often used for worship and ceremonies per our tradition. Gold articles are linked with deity and prosperity. Silver articles, meanwhile, are linked to divinity and prosperity, and they’re typically used to make up shrines.

Many Puja items are made of silver. The silver color corresponds with the moon and is worshipped in India as a deity. Silver is believed to provide good luck, which is why it’s often used during religious festivals. There’s also an inherent belief that silver can ward off evil energy or malefic influences. A bonus: the healing effects of silver are often compared to the cooling impact of moonlight.

Why are silver gift items great to gift at the housewarming ceremony of your loved ones?

Silver is a good investment for various reasons. It’s become more prevalent in recent years, and its value continues to increase. To purify and protect the home, it is customary to present homeowners with gifts of silver. A housewarming is a Hindu ceremony often executed when one enters into a new house for the first time. Vastu says that silver articles kept in a temple at home bring health, peace, and prosperity, while traditional Hindu Shagun gifts for a bride include silverware which is considered lucky. Statues, ornaments, and dishes made of silver are symbols of luxury.

Silver is appreciated because it has a beautiful color, malleability, and elegance, though it can oxidize or be brushed to give it a textured appearance. For utensils, furniture, and jewelry-making, silver has many useful applications that people have used for centuries. Silver is also used today by designers looking for interesting ways to express themselves.

Here are some silver gift ideas for gifting your near and dear ones on their Greh Pravesh (housewarming) celebration:

1. Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati & Lord Ganesh Idols

Silver idols of Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Ganesh are favored in homes, and Hindu worshipers often offer such statues as a sign of their commitment to their religion. You’ll only find silver-plated ones in most stores, though other options are available too, such as those with glass cases that appear to be seated on trays made of silver or mounted on a silver base.

2. Silver Coins

Silver coins come in various shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, and Kalash. The images engraved on these coins are often of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. These motifs symbolize luck and prosperity. There are also designs with floral and tree motifs for buyers to choose from. These days, you can also give a silver coin with a mantra engraved. These coins protect you from negativity, and they’re becoming increasingly popular gifts. Another trend is to give out engraved photo coins. The newest trend, however, is to create silver notes containing Rs 100 or Rs 500.

3. Silver Diya

A Diya symbolizes pure light, auspiciousness, prosperity, and knowledge. The light of a diya is said to protect the home from evil and welcome Goddess Lakshmi. In Hindu culture, the ritual of Griha Pravesh is carried out when an individual moves into their new house for the first time.

There are several reasons why diyas are the perfect gift option. First, they bring peace and prosperity to your home. Secondly, silver lamps come in a variety of designs as per your budget – you can give one at a time, in pairs, or even in multiples when you buy them in a stand. Furthermore, silver lamps can come with fancy decorative designs such as blooming lotus, peacocks, and elephants.

4. Silver Tea-sets

Sophisticated and elegant tea sets are perfect for any family. One could choose from classic teapots and sugar containers with or without a silver tray. Simple silver tea sets reflect refinement, whereas larger, ornate sets with vintage designs reflect majesty. Choices are abundant, in plain silver tea sets to floral ones or ones with intricate motifs and even jungle designs. Teapots are sought-after items amongst silverware collectors and make ideal gifts for avid tea drinkers.

5. Silver Animal Figurines

The silver elephant statue is considered very auspicious during the Griha Pravesh ceremonies. An elephant is considered a lucky talisman if it is kept at home. The elephant symbolizes strength, power, stability, and wisdom, which it passes on as good luck to any house with one. A silver cow (Kamdhenu) figurine can also be given as a gift which brings prosperity and makes for a suitable gift when someone moves to their new home.

6. Silver Photo Frames

Photo frames are a must-have for any home. They give guests a glimpse into your lives and help preserve all your wonderful memories. Silver is a lustrous metal that adds luminosity to interiors, so silver photo frames are an elegant gift for hosts who have just moved into their new homes. You can choose from many different shapes and sizes for photo frames so you can place them on your living room table or the walls of your new home.

How can you keep your silver gift items clean and safe from environmental damage?

It’s best never to scrub silverware to clean it. Instead, display your silver goods in an enclosed glass case out of direct sunlight. For cleaning, use a lemon and salt solution with hot water. Soak the silver goods for a few minutes and rub them with a soft cloth after.

Clean silver items with mild phosphate-free detergents after each use. Gently wash them and dry them right away. Toothpaste should never be used as it contains baking soda or other potentially abrasive ingredients. But, if the grease is burned, try soaking in a mixture solution of water & white vinegar for 1-2 hours. Rinse thoroughly before drying with a clean cloth.

To keep silver pieces looking shiny, use a polish made for silver (not brass), like a paste, which you can get at any home improvement store. Rub it on with an old, soft toothbrush, tap dry it with a dry cloth, and repeat as necessary with the heavier tarnished pieces. Heavily tarnished silverware should only be cleaned by a professional, as it may need to be reshaped and polished.


Before making your final purchase, always check the silver item’s weight and maker’s mark. Additionally, compare market rates in different cities to get an accurate price estimate.


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