The perfect combination for anyone to have in kitchen is dinner set. It the complete dinner set having all the items needed in one dish.

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11 Inch Bronze Dinner Set for Home, Bronze Dinnerware Set for Gift

4,699.00(39% off)
Add to your collection Kansa thali set which comes with katoris, elegantly shaped spoon and glass along with 11 inch thali. Indian ayurveda says, Kansa is anti inflammatory and has antiseptic properties. Introduce the ancient culture in your kitchen and relish healthy meals.
Weight1280 Gram
Size 11 Inch x 11 Inch (L x W)

12 Inch Bronze Dinner Set for Gift, Dinnerware Set for Home-Kitchen

4,599.00(43% off)
This elegant dinner set constitutes an ideal and luxury gift set to be given in Wedding to your precious ones. It is the best tableware gift item. Kansa 12 inch thali set is beneficial for health. It is known to cure several disorders in human body.
Weight1580 Gram
Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (L x W)

12 Inch Pure Copper Hammered Stainless Steel Dinner Set, Copper Traditional Dinnerware Thali Set

2,499.00(38% off)
Stainless steel surface preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods and is safe for food contact; Copper bottom adds style - Easy to Clean - no re-tinning. AUTHENTIC INDIAN DINNER PLATES bowls Indian cooking utensils & servingware made entirely by hand in India.
Color Copper
Material Copper
Weight 1080 Gram
Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (Height)