One thing which is very important in the kitchen is dinnerware – Goldgiftideas is presenting a dinner set at affordable prices.

The dinnerware is considered as an important item for any house as it is used for serving. The kitchenware is incomplete without dinner sets. Nowadays people like to have such a beautiful dinner set for serving their guests. It is said that if you have a meal in the bronze dinner set then it will enhance the intellect and increase immunity. So Goldgiftideas present you bronze dinner set which comes along with every item needed in dinner set like a bowl, Vati, spoon and glass.

The silver-plated dinner set has various sizes and designs. It has silver plated thali, Marwari lota, spoon, glass, bowl, Katori, and many. We also have a collection of a baby dinner set which is used in giving on birthday or used in the Annaprashan sanskar ceremony with that there is glass set in silver plated. Dinnerware will increase your serve ware and tableware appearance. Have this dinner set which is also available in brass material.

Do not think twice and get it now, browse dinner set on Goldgiftideas and give it as a return gift on many occasions like Housewarming, baby shower, Wedding, or any pooja ceremony. Perfect for the home decor.

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11 Inch Bronze Dinner Set for Home, Bronze Dinnerware Set for Gift

7,699.00 3,999.00

12 Inch Bronze Dinner Set for Gift, Dinnerware Set for Home-Kitchen

7,999.00 4,199.00

12 Inch Silver Plated Buffet Dinner Set for Gift, Dinnerware Set for Kitchen

1,999.00 1,099.00

12 Inch Silver Plated Complete Dinner Set for Home, Buffet Dinner Set for Gift

1,999.00 1,099.00

12 Inch Silver Plated Dinner Set for Gift, Dinnerware Set for Kitchen with Marwari Lota

2,099.00 1,199.00

12 Inch Silver Plated Glossy Dinner Set for Home

1,899.00 1,049.00

7 Inch Silver Plated Baby Dinner Set for Home, Dinner Set for Kids

549.00 325.00

Brass Dinner Set for Home and Kitchen, Buffet Dinner Set for Gift (18 x 18 cm)

799.00 449.00

Brass Dinner Set for Kids, Brass Dinner Plate Set/Dinner Thali Set for Home (15 x 15 cm)

699.00 379.00

Brass Flower Design Dinner Set for Kitchen, Baby Dinner Set for Gift

899.00 449.00

Brass Nakshi Baby Dinner Set for Home & Kitchen (Antique), Dinner Thali Set for Gift (20 x 20 cm)

999.00 499.00

Gold-Silver Plated Brass Tea Coffee Kittle for Home & Office, Designer Coffee Tea Serving Pot

3,299.00 1,799.00