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While looking to bring some harmony and positive energy into your home, workspace, or life incorporating the feng shui items can be a great place to start. These items, such as crystals, plants, and mirrors, are believed to promote balance and good fortune in the home or workplace. In recent years, the practice of feng shui has become increasingly popular, with many people seeking to incorporate its principles in their daily lives. Feng shui items such as wind chimes, crystals, and plants are believed to bring balance and harmony to a space, improving the energy flow and promoting a sense of tranquility. In addition to the benefits of this age old practice, feng shui teaches that each and every object has its own energy, and by arranging items in a certain way, one can optimize their positive effects on ourselves and the environment one belongs to. Whether a believer in the feng shui practice or not, incorporating some of the GoldGiftIdeas Feng Shui laughing Buddha idols into your home or workplace can certainly add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor.

Tranquility through laughing buddha

These items include colorful crystals, scented candles, bamboo plants, and even wind chimes that are believed to promote harmony, balance and prosperity. Each item has a specific purpose, for example, crystals absorb negative energy, while plants purify the air. Incorporating the GoldGiftIdeas feng shui items into a house or even any space can not only improve the ambiance, but it can also help to create a positive working or living environment. One popular GoldGiftIdeas feng shui item that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity is the laughing Buddha. The laughing Buddha is seen as a symbol of happiness and stability, and placing one in your home or office is believed to promote joy and success. Whether it is a small figurine or a large statue, incorporating a GoldGiftIdeas feng shui laughing buddha into any space can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to décor.

The varieties

When looking to add a touch of charm to one’s living space, workspace or even as a thoughtful gift, one may want to consider purchasing a Feng Shui Laughing buddha from GoldGiftIdeas. These laughing idols are considered auspicious in the Feng Shui mythology and are believed to bring a sense of calm and joy to one’s home or business. The GoldGiftIdeas laughing buddha are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that they not only serve as decorative pieces but also as an effective Feng Shui cures, the price of these pieces ranges from 540 rupees to 930 rupees. With their beautiful and intricate designs, the GoldGiftIdeas feng shui laughing buddha idol can be placed in any corner of a room at home or workspace and can be used by anyone to enhance the positive energy and bring joy. These idols come as brass idols or even gold plated ones to suit any type of home décor or workplace. These laughing Buddha statues from GoldGiftIdeas also serve as a thoughtful gift for friends, family and even colleagues.


One of the most popular feng shui items is the laughing buddha. This item is believed to bring stability, happiness, and good fortune to its owner. The laughing Buddha is a symbol of joy and happiness . The GoldGiftIdeas Hotei buddha are available at unbeatable prices with attention to detail and varieties to suit any home décor and hence these happy statues not only serve as a decorative piece that one may add to a living room, a study table or gift it to friends and family but also as a way to enhance the positivity around to bring joy , prosperity and success to anyone
who possess the piece.

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Brass Laughing Buddha for Blessing Health, Wealth & Happiness at Home & Office

929.00(16% off)
Laughing Buddha is always considered as the great source of positive energy. It would make an outstanding gift item during House Warming's, Festive Occasions, Grah Parvesh, Anniversary, Weddings, Birthday and it is also an excellent Corporate Gift.
Material Brass
Weight228 Gram
Size5 CM X 5 CM (L x H)

Brass Laughing Buddha for Blessing Health, Wealth & Happiness at Home & Office

1,159.00(11% off)
The idol signify happiness, good luck and wisdom, the adorable Buddha figurines carrying gold ingots and money bags is guaranteed to bring you loads of luck and good fortune.
Material Brass
Weight434 Gram
Size5 CM X 9 CM (L x H)

Oxidized Gold Plated Laughing Buddha for Wealth, Laughing Buddha Statue for Home and Office

546.00(40% off)
Laughing Buddha, as we all know, brings good luck, contentment and abundance in one's life. It depicts whatever one wishes for – be it wealth, happiness or satisfaction. The adorable Buddha figurines carrying gold ingots and money bags is guaranteed to bring you loads of luck and good fortune.
MaterialOxidized (Gold Plated)
Weight434 Gram
Size20 CM X 7 CM (L x H)