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The perfect thing which you should have for your home décor is the luxurious collection. The luxurious things which are presented by GoldGiftIdeas are Antique Bowl Set of different design like lotus, peacock, leaf, Antique wine glass, Handi Set, Antique Dinner set having Nakshi work, decorative serving tray with handle, designer cup saucer set, 999 Silver & 24K Gold Plated Elephants, Antique glass sets, Pure Silver items like God idols, Kalash, coins, mukhvas box and many more which is on your way to getting it.

The different thing which is available on GoldGiftIdeas is very unique and attractive which will make your event more auspicious by having such creative items for home décor. If you are looking for something innovative item then you are at the right place where you will find all items at one place.

Go and get it for your special occasion and make it more memorable with these fantastic items. All the products are well designed and give a very impressive look at all of them. It is a lifestyle and utilitarian items, beautifully simple and lovable.

It can also be given as token of love to your special ones in occasions like Wedding, Housewarming, Rakshabandha, Diwali, and many.

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10 Inch Gold-Silver Plated Antique Dinner Set for Home, Buffet Dinner Set for Gift

3,099.00(36% off)
The royal export quality golden 10 inch dinnerware set will attribute to appetite everyday or on ceremonies. It is perfect for tableware and serve ware item and it is best of weeding and luxury gift. Golden glow blended with silver plating is worth gifting on special occasions. This Dinner Set comes in Velvet Box.
MaterialSilver Plated
Weight1098 Gram
Size 10 Inch x 10 Inch (L x W)

10 Inch Silver Plated Antique Flower Serving Bowl, Brass Bowl for Gift, Silver Dry Fruit Bowl, Occasional Gift

2,399.00(34% off)
This piece of bowl is rare to find at other place and its beauty is unbeatable. So order it now and make your ceremony more memorable. Meeting the purpose of serving sweet dishes, the excellent finish of this silver plated serving bowl makes it to last long.
Color Silver
Material Brass (Silver Plated)
Weight 1290 Gram
Size 10 Inch x 10 Inch (L x H)

12 Inch Akshay Suktam Gold Plated Pooja Thali Set for Home, Diwali Pooja Thali Set, Luxurious Wedding Gift

4,739.00(26% off)
Introducing an exceptional finish product – this amazing thali is feather light, rust resistant and  treat to one’s eye.The Gangajal patra, panch mukh Jyotidan , chandan vati and the clear slender bell fills al the necessities required in a pooja thali set. These items are among the most important and have very spiritual look & fine finish.
MaterialGold-Silver Plated
Weight1225 Gram
Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (L x W)

12 Inch Gold-Silver Plated Dinner Set for Gift, Antique Dinnerware Set for Kitchen

3,899.00(28% off)
The Golden Silver Dinner Set renders the richness for serving Indian food in a royal manner. This 12 inch gold-silver plated fascinating dinner set serves your purpose on festivals and other special occasions. It comes with Velvet Box so it can easily be secured. Give this gift to your precious ones in wedding ceremony.
MaterialSilver Plated
Weight1240 Gram
Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (L x W)

12 Inch Pure Silver Antique Dinner Set for Home, Silver Dinnerware Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Plate

132,999.00(25% off)
Pure Silver Dinner Set gives these set a sophisticated and distinct look. It makes a lavish appearance to your dinnerware.
Color Silver
 Material Pure Silver
Weight 1400 Gram
Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (L x W)

12 Inch Pure Silver Antique Dinner Set for Home, Silver Dinnerware Set, Silver Dinner Plate for Gift

147,999.00(30% off)
Pure silver dinner Set will make the occasion more delightful and memorable with this beautiful shiny Dinner set. It is perfect for any occasion or ceremony.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 1500  Gram
Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (L x W)

12 Inch Pure Silver Buffet Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinnerware Set for Home, Wedding Gift

117,999.00(20% off)
It is perfect to add up the Indian culture which adds grace to the home decor. It makes a lavish appearance to your dinnerware.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 1200 Gram
Size  11 Inch x 11 Inch (L x W)

12 Inch Pure Silver Shiny Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Thali Set, Anniversary Gift

108,999.00(23% off)
Pure silver dinner Set will make the occasion more delightful and memorable with this beautiful shiny Dinner set. It is perfect for any occasion or ceremony.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 1090  Gram
Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (L x W)

14 Inch Gold-Silver Plated Antique Dinner Set for Home

5,499.00(22% off)
This 14 Inch Dinner set is made from well finished work which makes it a brilliant product and an ultimate combo. The 14 Inch plate is large enough and all the components are kept in it. The Dinner Set comes in Velvet Box in which you can put entire set of Dinner.
MaterialSilver Plated
Weight1580 Gram
Size 14 Inch x 14 Inch (L x W)

2 In 1 Luxurious Mukhvas Box with Lid, Decorative Box for Dry Fruits

2,299.00(43% off)
A clean White interior gives it a classy look , yet artistically a traditional work of art. It is similarly impeccable either to impress your guest by serving a mukhvas in the big sized bowl them as a blessing.
Color Multicolor
Weight 986 Gram
Size 9 Inch x 3 Inch (L x W)

24K Gold Silver Plated Ganesha Idol with Temple Pillar (Stambh), Ganesh Statue for Gift, Ganesha Idol for Home

3,999.00(25% off)
This Lord Ganesha Statue is mainly used for gifting purposes and specially on return gifts consider this Ganesha Idol as the best gift among all. Ganesha pooja during the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi increases the effect of this pooja manifold.
Color Golden Silver
Material Resin - Terracotta
Weight 857 Gram
SizeGanesha - 8 CM x 22 CM (L x H) and Stambh Height - 31 CM

3 In 1 Luxurious Dry Fruit Box with Lid, Decorative Box for Mukhvas

3,199.00(46% off)
Goldgiftideas Presents this Luxurious Dry Fruit Box which is designed by our craftsmen by using premium quality material and modern techniques.
Color Multicolor
Weight 1386 Gram
Size12 Inch x 3 Inch (L x W)

4 Inch Gold-Silver Plated Flower Serving Bowl Set with Tray, Brass Dry Fruit Bowl, Wedding Gift (Set of 6)

2,999.00(32% off)
You are sure to get impressed with looking at this bowl set. The intricate floral design is crafted onto the inner as well as outer surface of the bowls. Even the serving tray is adorned with floral pattern. The designs reveal out the talent, skills and craftsmanship of the designers.
Color Golden Silver
Material Brass (Gold-Silver Plated)
Weight 1280 Gram
SizeBowl – 4 Inch, Tray – 13.5 x 10 Inch, Spoon – 4.72 Inch

8 Inch Pure Silver Thali for Baby/Pooja, Silver Gift Items for Home, Pure Silver Thali Plates

20,699.00(46% off)
It will make the occasion more delightful and memorable with this Pooja thali. It is perfect for any occasion or ceremony.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 230 Gram
Size 8 Inch x 8 Inch (L x W)

999 Silver & 24K Gold Plated Karunya Ganesha Idol for Gift (16 x 9 cm)

2,399.00(45% off)
The head gear in gold polish is wonderfully decorated with unique and attractive design which makes the idol to look more magnificent. It will be the perfect gift which you can give to your precious ones in celebration like Vinayaka Chaturthi (Ganesh Chaturthi).
Color Golden Silver
Material Resin
Weight 534 Gram
Size 9 CM x 16 CM (L x H)

999 Silver & 24K Gold Plated Vijaya Lakshmi Ganesha Idols for Gift, Laxmi Ganesh Statue for Home

2,999.00(48% off)
Lord Lakshmiji is holding lotus in her both hands which represent the purity and enlighten amid ignorance and Lord Kavish Ganesha holds conch shell which depicts victory and fulfillment.
Color Golden Silver
Material Resin - Terracotta
Weight 973 Gram
Size 8 CM x 11 CM (L x H)

999 Silver and 24K Gold Plated Elephant Set Showpiece for Home Decor and Gifting

1,799.00(46% off)
Elephant represent the Buddha and lord Ganesha to bring strength and good luck at home. This Elephant pair showpiece can be best gift to your loved ones in celebrations like Housewarming or Birthday gift.
Color Golden Silver
Material Resin - Terracotta
Weight 874 Gram
Size 7 CM x 10 CM (L x H)

999 Silver and 24K Gold Plated Lakshmi Ganesha Idols for Home Decor, Laxmi Ganesh Statue for Gifting

4,399.00(45% off)
Lakshmi is holding lotus in both hands and Ganesha is having conch shell in his both hands. It is believed that on the day of Diwali, it is a tradition to worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha together.
Color Golden Silver
Material Resin - Terracotta
Weight 1367 Gram
Size 12 CM x 12 CM (L x H)

999 Silver Plated Elephant Idol for Gift, Elephant Statue for Vastu, Elephant Idol for Home (Set of 2)

2,799.00(27% off)
The Royal pair of Elephant adds all their fame and greatness which will be the wonderful addition to your home decor. Lovely to look at this showpiece, it gives a feeling of inspiration and motivation. The Elephant has their trunks raised in a blare effect and is excellent symbol of protection and power.
Color Black & Silver
Material Resin - Terracotta
Weight 874 Gram
Size14 CM x 15 CM (L x H)

Decorative Serving Tray with Handle, Glass Serving Tray Set with Handle, Serving Tray Gift

2,499.00(50% off)
You will fall for the love of charm and beauty with such amazing collection in silver finish. Have such antique tray which will decorate your home adding grace to it.
Color Rose Gold
Weight 1800 Gram
Size29 CM x 8 CM (L x W)

Designer Rose Gold Serving Tray for Wedding, Decorative Tray for Wedding, Luxurious Return Gift

2,399.00(52% off)
Tray look good on its own; in whatever ambiance it is placed. This astonishing silver tray traditional will be a statement at your homes.
ColorRose Gold
Weight 1800 Gram
Size 29 CM x 8 CM (L x W)

Gold Silver Plated Four Antique Cup Saucer Set, Brass Cup Saucer Set for Tea

2,299.00(49% off)
This Gold Plated cup saucer set is a classic traditional design. The mix of scintillating silver shade and glorious gold offer this four cup saucer set an extraordinary charm to drive others attention at a very first gaze.
MaterialBrass (Gold Plating)
Weight980 Gram
SizeCup - 3 Inch, Saucer - 5 Inch

Gold-Silver Plated Antique Cup Saucer Set of 6, Brass Tea Cup Set for Gift

3,699.00(59% off)
We bring you a dual color enchanting tableware for every auspicious occasion. Celebrations are incomplete without shine and glow of gold and silver.
MaterialBrass (Gold Plating)
Weight1200 Gram
SizeCup - 3 Inch, Saucer - 5 Inch

Gold-Silver Plated Four Antique Glass Tray Set for Gift, Glass Set for Kitchen

2,799.00(48% off)
Dual tones of gold and silver of these 4 Gold plated glasses with tray make them the perfect choice to serve refreshment in a picturesque fashion. The two color tones are in good contrast to each other. The golden hue accentuates the beauty of graceful silver body.
ColorGolden Silver
MaterialBrass (Gold-Silver Plated)
Weight864 Gram
Size Glass-4 Inch (Height)

Gold-Silver Plated Six Brass Ice Cream Serving Bowl Set, Antique Ice Cream Bowl for Party

5,299.00(46% off)
This bowl set with six ice cream bowls, tray and spoons will be impress anyone at a very first sight and tempting to buy, which is due to the royal designs that the manufacturer has embedded on each of the bowl.
Color Golden-Silver
Material Brass (Gold-Silver Plated)
Weight 2686 Gram
Size Bowl - 3.25 Inch x 3.5 Inch (L x H)

Golden Silver Plated Brass Coffee Mug Set of 2, Coffee Mug for Friend

1,499.00(45% off)
Add glamour to your crockery collection by adding these versatile golden silver coffee mugs. They are very useful mugs that can be used to sip your favorite beverage. They have a longer shelf life with a high quality material. Flaunt this elegant collection of coffee mug to guests.
MaterialBrass (Gold-Silver Plating)
Weight840 Gram
Size 3.5 Inch x 4 Inch (L x H)

Pure Silver Amrapali Glass for Pooja with BIS Hallmark, Silver Glass Set for Gift, Pure Silver Glass for Water, Silver Glass for Baby

6,699.00(42% off)
A pure silver glass with BIS Hallmark, carefully designed and richly dazzling in simple yet inevitable smooth texture. The glass is simply perfect to be in a Pooja thali because of its size and stability. You can gift this glass in Baby Shower.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 70 - 72 Gram
Size 7 CM x 5 CM (L x H)

Pure Silver Antique Lakshmi Ganesha Idol for Home Temple

40,999.00(23% off)
Goldgiftideas present you this silver idol of Lakshmiji Ganesha which can be given in occasion like Wedding or Housewarming or Diwali. Such idols are very precious to have at home and also for gifting purpose.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 420 Gram
Size  3.5 Inch (Height)

Pure Silver Antique Shree Kalash for Pooja Room, Silver Gift Item, Silver Kalasam for Wedding

23,999.00(28% off)
The pure silver kalash has beautiful look with antique nakshi finish and it is used in any pooja rituals or in auspicious occasion. It is used in Housewarming pooja or Grahapravesh, Wedding and many more. It is best pooja iem which is most needed in any occasion.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 270 Gram
Size  4 Inch x 4 Inch (L x W)

Pure Silver Baby Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Set for Kids, Silver Dinnerware Set for Home

29,799.00(28% off)
Pure Silver Dinner set in cartoon character will be adorn by baby after seeing such an amazing collection for their meal.
Color Silver
Material Pure Silver
Weight 290 Gram
Size  7 Inch x 7 Inch (L x W)