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Authentic Indian Handcrafted Items For Shopping

Authentic Indian handicrafts are symbolic and play a very crucial role in signifying the true Indian traditions, its culture and regional importance. Indian handicrafts do intend to preserve our country’s rich heritage and untouched traditional art and culture all throughout .The handicraft experts do ensure they pass on their traditional expertise and skillset to more and continuously train the next generation religiously, hence the talent bank keeps filling up and taking over to provide the world their traditional lifestyle and history through the authentic Indian Handicraft items for shopping.

We all do understand the importance of this expression since Handicrafts are the most treasured and unique countenance and it truly represents the country’s hidden culture, traditions and preserved history in the most beautiful and expressive way. These Indian handcrafted Items for shopping are broad, diverse and distinctive. In India, handicraft is one of the most known productive segment, though a number of efforts have been made to redefine this section of the industry, the cultural significance holds the highest value, with Indian handicrafts being the generous medium to protect, preserve and carry forward the rich traditional heritage, skills & talent, art and culture the economic importance cannot be ignored. Indian handicrafts play a crucial role for the economic development of a nation as it offers great opportunities for initiating small scale industries, great job opportunities with bare minimum investments –which in the long run lead to a significant channel for foreign earnings.

Parturient convallis

Indian Handicraft industry in India is spreading its arms throughout the country with superior attentiveness in rural and outlying areas of country. The authentic handcrafted items for shopping give you a virtual window to explore and own in just simple steps.

Carefully designed handcrafted god idols expresses pure divinity and a positive aura, the Pooja mandir, a designated structure that houses the idols of god and is considered as god’s abode in pure form. Marble items for gifting purpose showcases variety and exemplifies the stone in precious collectibles. Uniquely embroidered and crocheted goods which are so Indian and so enthralling that they create a truly captivating atmosphere.

Some of the skilfully crafted collectibles from our Handcrafted selections:

Handcrafted God Idols
Handcrafted god idols are an important part of Indian traditions , they are locally called as “Murtis’. The idols are each made carefully with selected material they symbolizes an embodiment of the divinity, one who is real and lives in us. The handcrafted idols are unique and worshipped all over the world. And are as auspicious as gold or other metal. These idols actually represent faith, spirituality and our belief in the power of god. People all over the world concentrate on this faith, having a handcrafted idol makes it easy for us to worship and express our appreciation for all blessed.

Handcrafted Pooja Mandir

Pooja mandir’s are the special religious product that each and every Indian home designates in their house. This sacred product is handcrafted in variety of colours and design for you to select your preferred one. Our expert craftsmen work day n night to create intrinsic design, polish them for the desired shine and finally each handcrafted Pooja mandir enlightens and spread holiness in the home it is placed. A durable, crafty and portable product that is easy to maintain. Worshippers can easily concentrate placing the god idols in the mandir and chanting their name to spread peace n prosperity in their abode.

Marble Items For Gift

Marble is one of the most important rocks available in nature and the various uses that it has is unbelievable. The marble gift items are precious, holds respect and is a sign of luxury in itself. While selecting the marble items do check the. Ideally used as an artefact and showpieces, marble products highly enhances the house interiors and provides elusive classic demeanour and look to your house. Handing over a Marble gift item to your loved ones simply shows your affection and creates a lovely memoir. There are marble statues and sculptures that our artisan create are each a masterpiece. We have a huge range that will exemplify and grace the exquisiteness of your home.

Wooden Elephant And Other Gift Items

Our handcrafted wooden elephant are one of the most desirable gifts online, these are worshipped by many of us and elephant statues which are placed with their trunk upward in front of your house are said to bring in wealth and fame in the household. Wooden elephant is one of those products which are easy to procure and gift in all occasions. These elephants are a symbol of good luck. Elephant statues can be placed in the Pooja mandir, in the showcase, on your table and even on a pedestal. The only thing to remember is they must not be facing the wall. Bring home our selected collection of wooden Elephant and bring home your luck.

Brass Handicrafts

Invincible and traditionally important brass handicrafts are way too important for any household. Not only do we bring you Brass idols or brass vessels , we have in collection an array of Brass products such as Idol, statues , Brass Hanging Bells , Brass Pooja items and more sub categories . Each having great significance in terms of aesthetics and health benefits. In ancient times, Indian rich landlords always preferred brass as the only metal since it shows luxury and stature. Today Brass is preferred as an item for home décor, it is also believed that having water in brass container increases immunity and boosts your haemoglobin as well. Placing a Brass hanging bell at home brings in peace and tranquillity and everyone at home remains bonded with love and emotions. It is a great product for gifting your relatives and friends.

German Silver Handicrafts

German silver handicrafts are synonym with luxury present collection. The products made are durable, strong and self-lustred. Known and recognized across the globe, people love to present and receive German silver handicrafts as they are auspicious and provides an unique look , shine and charm that beholds the receiver . Our products such as the Ice-cream bowl sets, Crockeries, dinnerware, serve ware and decorative items are all varieties in German silver section. Each of the products have sub varieties –offering you choices that will make you spoilt.

Fengshui Items

We all talk about Fengshui but hardly find it handy to buy for our home. Here we present you a wholesome section with most demand Fengshui items. Select from laughing Buddha that is believed to keep your household away from any negativity, the most known Fengshui frog is known to bring in immense stability and protection for the household, all our turtle collections are selected from the celestial aspect. These turtles are worshipped in many part of the world including India as spiritual creatures and believed to be bringing tons of wealth and luck.

Handmade Decorative Bags & Clutches

Handmade decorative bags and clutches are the trend these days; women prefer choosing handmade bags and Clutches over the designer bags and purses. These handmade bags are made of pure Indian fabric and enhanced with self-embroidered and intrinsic use of colourful threads and silk. The bags are quite durable and since they are much more affordable than other bags –we have ordered where set of handmade decorative bags are purchased. They are elegant, tradionally unique and represents the true cultural representations of this nation. Preferred by women across the globe, these bags can be paired with traditional outfits, formal wear and semi casual wear equally.

There are also lots of suggestion of Indian handicraft items. The Indian Handicrafts industry encompasses expanded products assortment and collection and we at Goldgiftideas created a specialized section dedicated purely for showcasing Indian handcrafted products ideal for shopping in a number of selective options. Our collections are inclusive and regularly updated. Each product highlights the traditional and cultural importance.

Indian Handicraft industry in India is spreading its arms throughout the country with superior attentiveness in rural and outlying areas of country. The authentic handcrafted items for shopping give you a virtual window to explore and own in just simple steps.


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