God represents purity, divinity, dedication, devotion, love, and knowledge. There is no one who does not worship god. Everyone is attached to some or other gods. God is always remembered first before starting any event or function. The blessings of them are always needed so that the work is done easily and properly.

GoldGiftIdeas brings god idols which are made up of terracotta, 99 silver and 24K gold plated, 24K gold plated, wooden handcrafted, gold plated resin, and many. The different avatars of god idol are only available at GoldGiftIdeas who gives you satisfaction and happiness after having such an idol. There is full of varieties in design and shapes.

You can place it at the home temple, office temple, or home décor. The god idols which are there with us are Ganesha, Bal Gopal, Lakshmi Ji, and many others. Give it to your loved ones in festive occasion or in Wedding, Vastu Pooja, and baby shower.

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Ceramic Vighnesh Ganesha Idol for Gift, Ganesha Statue for Car Dashboard

Ganesha is actually the beneficiary of a boon (a wish) from another god. If you are looking such piece of art then grab this opportunity to have such wonderful piece at your decor.
ColorBlue | Red
Weight287 Gram
Size 6 CM x 8.5 CM (L x H)

Gold Plated Achyuth Ganesha Idol for Car Decor, Figurine Showpiece

The marionette of Lord Ganesh ji who is also known as God of Luck & wisdom is a must have as it is well finished and has excellent design work where the colorful stones are studded.
Material Gold Plated
Weight189 Gram
Size 6.5 CM x 6 CM (L x H)

Gold Plated Dhumravarna Ganesha Idol for Pooja, Ganesh Murti for Home Temple

Gold Plating Lord Ganesha in resting pose studded with colorful stones. He is the destroyer of vanity, delight and selfishness. This beautiful lord ganesha divine idol made from ceramic with pure gold plating features, flawless finish and looks incredibly beautiful.
Material Gold Plated
Weight298 Gram
Size 10 CM x 6 CM (L x H)

Gold Plated Paghdi Ganesha Idol for Gift, Ganpati Showpiece for Home Decor

Lord Ganesha is the ruler of world and brings wisdom and success. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but augments the spiritual vibe around. Bring the goodness & blessings of the God Ganesha in your home with this wonderful Ganesha showpiece.
Material Gold Plated
Weight227 Gram
Size 6 CM x 7 CM (L x H)

Gold Plated Resin Paghdi Ganesha Idol for Car Decor, Housewarming Gift, Ganpati Statue for Gifting (7 x 5 cm)

Goldgiftideas brings you this unique showpiece in Terracotta Gold polish which is available in many different colors. It is truly a fascinating idol which would bring happiness and fortune in any occasion.
Material Resin - Terracotta
Weight 286 Gram
Size 5 CM x 7 CM (L x H)

Gold Plated Sumukh Ganesha Idol for Home Decor, Ganpati Statue for Worship (10 x 7 cm)

Feel the devotion in your heart and receive blessings praying anywhere. This idol from Goldgiftideas looks divine and can become a part of your living room, car, office desk & puja room.
Material Gold Plated
Weight298 Gram
Size 7 CM x 10 CM (L x H)

Resin Moreshwar Ganesha Idol for Gift, Gold Plated Ganpati Idol for Car Decor

Lord Ganesha is a perfect god who you might call upon when you’re about to enter on a new endeavor. Gold polish Ganesha idol can comfortably occupy a small place in your home, work space or on the car dashboard.
MaterialGold Plated
Weight238 Gram
Size 7.5 CM x 8 CM (L x H)