Make your pooja room to look more spiritual by having these decorative items.

God is someone who is always been there for all of us. He brings happiness and success in one’s life. Everyone worships him and gets blessings in a way through getting good work. Every god is different and they are worshipped as per the festivals. Ganesha is remembered before starting any function so that he can give his blessings and function gets over without any interruption.

GoldGiftIdeas is the place where you will find many items related to god in different forms. So go online and shop with us by having these decorative things for you and your loved ones. We have 24K gold plated photo frames, decorative items, fancy photo frames, religious books, photo frames in acrylic.

If you are having any religious function and want to give such a wonderful gift to your loved ones then get it now from GoldGiftIdeas where you will find varieties of things related to a god. There is not only one thing regarding god but we have many different variations of articles. There is Ambe maa, Ganesha, Bal Gopal, shreenathji, Lakshmi Ji, Nava Durga, satrunjay frame, Mahavir swami photo frame, sai baba, ram darbar, Swaminarayan frame, Lakshmi Ganesh Saraswati frame, Navkar mantra frame, Radha Krishna, and many other. The photo frame will come along with charan paduka so you can worship daily by having it in the pooja room.

This is ideal for keeping at the office temple, home décor, pooja room, and many. It will become the best complimentary gift to your loved ones for an occasion like Wedding, Baby shower, Housewarming, Diwali, Navratri, Eid, and Mahavir Jayanti. It can be given in small functions as well. This gives religious importance to you and your loved ones.

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Gold Plated Sumukh Ganesha Idol for Home Decor, Ganpati Statue for Worship (10 x 7 cm)

Feel the devotion in your heart and receive blessings praying anywhere. This idol from Goldgiftideas looks divine and can become a part of your living room, car, office desk & puja room.
Material Gold Plated
Weight298 Gram
Size 7 CM x 10 CM (L x H)