Pooja time in silver-plated which is a must-have article for pooja room.

In Hinduism, admirer has a certain procedure of worshipping their Gods, Goddess, and Gurus during all important occasions. Hindus perform the Pooja – a traditional ritual to spiritually pay their tribute to their Gods and ancestors. So doing Pooja is a significant action to be conducted on every occasion as per the Hindu calendar.

To perform any Hindu Pooja, pooja items are a must so here Goldgiftideas present you many pooja accessories which will be very much useful for you. We have a wide variety of pooja items like kankavati, Ganesha mandir, duck kankavati, Diya, Lakshmi Ganesha Diya, panch aarti, peacock design Singhasan, pooja Kalash, loti zari, sindoor box, fragrance holder, attardani, fancy jod kamal, bajot, cow-calf idol, Prasad dabbi, Lakshmi diya, panchmukhi Diya, tulsi plant, and many.

The pooja items are having excellent quality which is made up of silver plated, gold plated, brass, alloy, and the items are having designer look. Every item where some have Nakshi work also gives a fascinating appearance.

Pooja item can be given as a return gift in Wedding, Baby shower, Housewarming, Birthday, pooja occasion, Diwali, Lakshmi pooja, Ganesh pooja, Onam, Pongal, and many others.

Go and get it today such excellent pooja item which can be used in your pooja room or office temple. Goldgiftideas is there only for you and to satisfy you by all these products.

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Brass Kankavati for Pooja Room, Sindoor Dani for Women

999.00 549.00

Gold Plated Alloy Ganesha Mandir for Home and Office, Ganpati Temple for Pooja and Gift


Gold Plated Alloy Ganesha Mandir for Pooja, Ganpati Temple for Home and Office

799.00 359.00

Gold Plated Alloy Peacock Kankavati for Home, Sindoor Dani for Women, Return Gifts

429.00 279.00

Gold Plated Designer Sindoor Dabbi with Lid for Women

1,299.00 899.00

Gold Plated Duck Pair Kankavati for Home Temple (Haldi-Kumkum Holder)

449.00 268.00

Gold Plated Duck Shape Kankavati/Sindoor Box for Women

429.00 268.00

Gold Plated Elephant Kankavati with Ganesha Statue, Sindoor Dani for Women, Pooja Items for Gift

599.00 279.00

Gold Plated Ganesha Idol with Temple for Gift (Alloy), Gajanan Statue for Pooja, Small Home Function Return Gift

999.00 549.00

Gold Plated Leaf Shape Ganesha Diya for Home, Return Gifts for Pooja, Diya for Temple (Pack of 5)

1,699.00 819.00

Gold Plated Leaf Shape Ganesha Diya for Pooja Room, Pooja Items for Home, Diwali Gift (Set for 2)

599.00 299.00

Gold Plated Leaf Shape Lakshmi Diya for Home Temple, Pooja Items for Gift, Diyas for God (Set of 2)

599.00 299.00