Silver Pooja Items –a must have in all household for all ceremonial events:

India is a land better known for its tradition, culture, diversity and uniqueness, so are the intricate Pooja items,one which enhances the religious and cultural sentiments. Each of our Silver Articles Online is a representation of originality, durability and most importantly rooted culture. When Pooja rituals are performed, what one should keep in mind is to ensure everything used is auspicious. The most important aspect of every Pooja (big or small) is the offerings that are made to the deity, traditionally silver Pooja items are also used .In many occasions we have noted for return gifts since it symbolizes purity and favorability. Silver Articles online are easily ordered and it helps perform the devotions and rituals while you offer devotional prayers to god and goddesses. Buy Silver Pooja items online from godgiftideas and you can celebrate the presence of important guest at home or in your commercial business boardrooms. Whether you are performing a house warming ceremony, wedding rituals, gearing up for wedding anniversary party or simply conducting a puja at home, pure silver Pooja thali online options help you save time. We at Goldgiftideas, not only bring you our pure silver Pooja Thali online but wide range of Pooja items. The natural silver marks purity and are known for its simplicity and recognized for its universal appearance.

Select from traditional Pooja items to contemporary Silver Pooja items- You will find them all in a click .

In today’s world, every household performs Pooja for the wellbeing of their family and express love and devotion to god. Performing Pooja needs an idol of god and our silver Pooja item online offers you selection of all god and goddesses alike in various forms and sizes. These pure silver idols helps the worshipper worship in absolute harmony since nothing is as pure as silver. Idols of lord Ganesha, Shri Krishna , Goddess Lakshmi, Parvati, the holy cow, the Pooja thali, agarbatti stand, ‘phalam patra” fruit bowl, ‘Prasad patra” plate to offer Prasad , ‘lota’ the holy pot, ‘Pushpthali” the basket for flowers are merely few examples of silver Pooja items we offer in our Silver Pooja articles online. Silver Pooja Itemsavailable at Goldgiftideas are genuine and offered at an affordable price- we do help sending these items to USA and other destinations as well. We at Goldgiftideas are well known as the best online facilitator to help send pure silver Pooja item in USA and other countries seamlessly. Anything that you select from the collection or gallery above can be sent to USA, all you have to do is mention the details clearly. Each of these items is sure to win hearts and bring abundance of joy for all. Pure silver Pooja thali are the most opted purchase in our carts, their quality, durability, shine and commendable package stands out and hence are preferred by our clients across the globe. Select and buy silver Pooja items and pure silver Pooja thali online at Goldgiftideas authorized website and you are sure to possess beautiful crafted pure silver Pooja items…

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999 Pure Silver Ganesha Coin for Gift, Silver Pooja Item for Home, Return Gifts for Festival

1,599.00 1,079.00

999 Pure Silver Lakshmi Coin for Home, Return Gift for Housewarming

1,599.00 1,079.00

999 Silver Lakshmi Ganesha 1000 Rupees Currency Note Frame for Gift, Occasional Return Gift

1,699.00 929.00

Pot Shape Pure Silver Tulsi Plant for Pooja, Silver Tulsi Kyara for Gift, Return Gift

649.00 499.00

Pure Silver 5 Flame Diya for Home Temple, Silver Gift Items, Silver Diya for Pooja

2,199.00 1,379.00

Pure Silver 5 Flame Panchmukhi Diya for Return Gifts, Silver Diya for Pooja Mandir (Pack of 5)

5,999.00 4,099.00

Pure Silver 999 Ganesha Coin for Pooja, Silver Ganesh Coin, Silver Gift Item

3,099.00 2,099.00

Pure Silver 999 Lakshmi Ganesha Coin for Pooja, Silver Laxmi Ganesh Coin for Gift

1,599.00 1,079.00

Pure Silver 999 Lakshmi Ganesha Saraswati Coin for Pooja Room, Silver Pooja Item for Gift

3,099.00 2,099.00

Pure Silver 999 Lakshmi ji Coin for Gift, Silver Laxmi Coin, Silver Pooja Item for Home

3,099.00 2,099.00

Pure Silver Aarti Diya for Home Temple, Silver Diya for Pooja, Silver Gift Item for Housewarming

8,499.00 6,699.00

Pure Silver Aarti Diya for Pooja Room, Silver Gift Items, Silver Diya for Home

15,999.00 13,699.00