Bring positivity and achievement in your life by having these pure silver god idols.

You can enjoy prosperity, happiness, and success if you have these pure silver god idols. You can place deity to your home and worship it regularly which will bring fame to you. God is known to give long life and good health. The divinity of god will bring positive aura to your pooja room or living area.

Goldgiftideas is having a huge collection of pure silver god idols in different forms. All the god idols are here for you that are Calcutta Ganesha, Bal Gopal, Cow, and Calf with a diamond stone, Durga Maa, Elephant, Ganesha in the cabinet, Ganesha and cow-calf idol with tulsi plant in the cabinet, pure silver gold plated god idols, Lakshmi- Ganesha, Lakshmi murti, sai baba, shivling with naag and Trishul, shreenathji, Tirupati Balaji, diamond stone work god idols and many more you will get by browsing on Goldgiftideas.

The pure silver god idols are kept in office temple, pooja room, or in a showcase. It is considered as the best return gift to someone who means a world to you in their special occasions like Weddings or Housewarming. It can also be given in Diwali, Navratri, baby shower, Lakshmi, or Ganesh pooja. It is the perfect luxurious collection for you which is very unique and creative items that are best for giving as it symbolizes richness.

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Pure Silver Ambe Maa Idol for Pooja, Silver Durga Ma Idol for Home, Silver Gift Items

4,399.00 3,699.00

Pure Silver Antique Design Elephant Statue for Home, Silver Elephant Idol for Gift

11,999.00 8,999.00

Pure Silver Antique Lakshmi Ganesha Idol for Home Temple

52,999.00 45,999.00

Pure Silver Bal Gopal Idol for Pooja, Silver Laddu Gopal Statue for Return Gifts

1,299.00 749.00

Pure Silver Calcutta Ganesha Idol for Pooja, Silver Gift Items, Silver Ganesha Statue

3,599.00 2,079.00

Pure Silver Cow and Calf Idol for Gift (Gold Plated), Silver Kamdhenu Cow Statue for Pooja, Baby Shower Gift

2,899.00 2,299.00

Pure Silver Cow and Calf Idol for Home Temple, Return Gifts, Silver Pooja Items for Gift

1,599.00 1,099.00

Pure Silver Cow and Calf Idol for Pooja, Return Gift for Baby Shower, Silver Cow Statue

3,299.00 2,079.00

Pure Silver Cow and Calf Idol with Diamond Stone, Kamdhenu Cow Statue for Gift

2,599.00 1,399.00

Pure Silver Durga Ma Idol for Gift, Silver Gift Items for Home, Silver Ambe Ma Idol for Pooja

3,899.00 2,699.00

Pure Silver Elephant Idol for Pooja, Return Gifts for Baby Shower, Silver Elephant Statue (Pack of 5)

6,999.00 4,999.00

Pure Silver Ganesh Idol with Cabinet, Silver Ganesh Idol for Home

2,899.00 1,479.00