Silver Dinner Setsare redefining the dinner experience for all who possess it –they are exclusive, indulgenceand represent sophistication.

Dinner sets are those unique collections of dinner ware which are used selectively for your most special guests. There are several occasions when one can show or exhibit their dinner range. It may be family relatives, extended family, friends, corporate get together, extended wedding or birthday occasions and more. India is known for its royal and rich heritage and Pure Silver Dinner set online brings to you the legend on your table. Our variety and originality speaks for itself and thus possessing a pure silver dinner set online in the simplest way to bring home the heritage and classic silver dinner ware.

Gold Gift Ideas’ selective collection of Silver Dinner Sets meets your requirement and is a name synonym with trust & reliability.

Dinner sets are basically anassemblage and close to the host’s heart. Pure Silver dinner sets. Are unique and showcases uber luxury, elegance and warmth when served. Each 999 Pure Silver ThaliDinner set onlineis carefully handcrafted by traditional silversmith. Serve your favourite food, desserts and delicacies in this ornamental pure silver dinner set online. You may select from the gallery above and we will have the selected item delivered at your doorstep seamlessly. These 999 Pure Silver Thali Dinner set online are one of the best options for gifting purpose. If you are planning to visit your relatives on their housewarming event, for family get together or a farewell event of a close colleague and even for wedding anniversary occasion –nothing stands a chance in front of the glamourous and classic 999 pure silver thali Dinners set online.

Selecting the perfect Silver Dinner Set is now simple – leave your worries behind and experience uber luxury with our personal collection range.

Goldgiftideas are a trusted name in the online fraternity segment and are preferred by many clients as the product quality is quite worth trusting. For all your gifting purpose, promotional occasions, celebrations, corporate gifting, farewell -entertaining and personal collectibles we are happy to assist and match your requirement in the most convenient way. Our gallery showcases almost every product that we have in our collection, perfect pure silver dinner set online which includes plates, bowls, serving bowls, serving spoons and more, you may choose the number as required. Each 999 Pure silver Dinner Thali set online is sure to match your gifting need and entertainment as well. You will find elegance, playful, crafty, intricate art apart from its own white shine, warmth and luxury dinner sets. These dinner sets creates a sophisticated statement while gifting newlyweds, anniversary couples. Trust us our silversmiths are known for their repute and uncompromised commitment which is visible in each of their creative Dinnerware. Experience it and you will fall in love with the 999 pure silver Thali Dinner set online.

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12 Inch Pure Silver Antique Dinner Set for Home, Silver Dinnerware Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Plate

175,999.00 148,999.00

12 Inch Pure Silver Antique Dinner Set for Home, Silver Dinnerware Set, Silver Dinner Plate for Gift

209,999.00 139,999.00

12 Inch Pure Silver Buffet Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinnerware Set for Home, Wedding Gift

125,999.00 102,999.00

12 Inch Pure Silver Shiny Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Thali Set, Anniversary Gift

119,999.00 83,499.00

Pure Silver Baby Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Set for Kids, Silver Dinnerware Set for Home

40,999.00 27,499.00

Pure Silver Designer Dinner Set for Home, Silver Dinnerware Set, Pure Silver Dinner Plates for Gift

119,999.00 104,999.00

Pure Silver Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Thali Set for Home, Silver Dinnerware Set, Wedding Gift

139,999.00 89,999.00

Pure Silver Engrave Dinner Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Set for Home, Silver Dinner Thali Set

132,999.00 107,999.00

Pure Silver Floral Design Dinner Set for Home, Silver Dinnerware Set for Gift, Silver Dinner Set for Kitchen

133,999.00 103,999.00

Pure Silver Glossy Dinner Set for Gift – BIS Hallmark, Silver Dinner Thali Set for Kitchen

99,999.00 88,499.00

Pure Silver Micky Mouse Dinner Set for Baby, Silver Dinner Set for Kids, Birthday Gift

17,999.00 13,799.00