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The gifts fit perfectly for all ceremonies and are available as both individual and collective gift items. Choose the auspicious goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesh murti or select from the range of luxury artefacts, puja thali, friendship day gifts, Valentine special, birthday memoirs, anniversary mementos or group gifts –Goldgiftideas will never disappoint you. Though the traditional showpieces stands out as it depicts a folklore or a traditional drama, however the idea is not to limit our buyers chain of thoughts but give them enough choices to select. If you are simply looking for silver return gift items for housewarming or unique silver gift item for a friend or to gift your colleague, you may select from the silver bowl sets, showpieces, silver Ganesha idols , silver masterpieces, wine glasses, dual tone gift items and more-all in the most pocket friendly and affordable offerings. Choose from a variety of Unique silver gift items and gift a heartfelt present that will remain etched in the receiver’s mind forever. Luxury, elegance, glamour, tradition and unique silver gift items.

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999 Silver Lakshmi Ganesha 1000 Rupees Currency Note Frame for Gift, Occasional Return Gift

949.00(45% off)
It will make your event more fascinating by having this in your pooja ceremony. Gift it to your prestigious ones in occasions or in any celebrations like Rakha Bandhan or Diwali. It will come in gift case.
Color Multicolor
Material Pure Silver
Purity 99 Silver
Size 6 Inch x 2 Inch (L x W)