Dazzling, Bright and fine-looking Brass products:

Queen of all metals and holding highest significance in all occasion and celebration, Brass is symbolic with brilliance. Pious in nature and with pure aesthetics, perfect as a Pooja item – you guess it right –we are referring to Beautiful Brass. Amongst all the Brass Pooja items online, brass Pooja thali online is the most preferential .Its natural copper-red mix alluring colour and durable nature makes it an item gift item and an item of lifelong belonging. Most of the brass handicraft items are uniquely crafted and is a favorite for many individual. We receive innumerable requests for Brass Diya and colorful Brass bell online apart from the regular brass gift items. They are ideal for their sparky goldish appearance and used largely for Pooja items. Brass Pooja Thali’s one of the purest products that is used for traditional rituals in India. They are offered largely as gift items during wedding rituals, annaprashan, baby shower ceremonies and more.

What are the special products in the brass category section at Goldgiftideas?

We at Goldgiftideas do understand the requirement for brass items and hence have arranged the selections in a number of sub segments, if you want to possess a colorful brass bell online which signifies prosperity we have it in our collectibles, all brass handicrafts are unique and signifies positivity, peace and success. With respect to brass Pooja items online, you may opt for brass Diya which has a beautiful natural gold shine with a tinch of copper, various brass Pooja thali online which comes in different pattern and sizes. Select from a wide range of brass gift items and you would not only love to possess them but feel proud gifting it to your near and dear ones. Brass is considered one of the 5 best gift items and needless to say it signifies excellence, brilliance and uber luxury for all occasions.

Selecting Brass gifts online is no longer a tiresome job:

Goldgiftideas is one of the trusted brands online for all your gift purchases, we are known for our originality, product quality and packaging too. Our team of expert craftsmen work day n night to bring to you brass that looks perfect for your need. Be it Brass thali, Pooja items, glistening bells for decoration, Pooja Diya or other gift deliverables, we never compromise with quality. We donot show any product which is not available. Our endeavor is always to ensure you get what you see and what you select in exactly the same manner. Brass generates a soothing spiritual sound and this helps in purifying your home. After Pooja, Prasad served in brass thali are considered auspicious. In all big and renowned temples across India, you will find brass Pooja thali and brass Diya used extensively. Using Brass Pooja items destroys negativity. It creates a serene environment and thus preferred worldwide by all devotes and brass lovers. Gifting brass items is a holy thing –you can bring in positive vibes in a family by gifting brass gift items. Brass handicrafts items are considered universal gifts, why look for something else.

We assure you quality and happiness abundance with our brass gift items!

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10 Inch Brass Glorious Pooja Thali Set for Home (Flower Design)


8 Inch Brass Zig-Zag Pooja Thali Set for Gift, Pooja Thali Decorative


Big Brass Kankavati for Home Temple, Pooja Items for Gift


Brass 1 Step Peacock Folding Diya, Diya for Pooja Room


Brass 3 Step Peacock Folding Diya, Pooja Article, Brass Pooja Item


Brass 3 Stone Diamond Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya, Home Decorative Diya (4 x 2 Inch)


Brass 4 Stone Diamond Matki Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya for Pooja Room


Brass 4 Stone Diamond Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya, Oil Lamp for Pooja Room


Brass 5 Step Peacock Folding Diya, Pooja Decoration Item


Brass 5 Stone Diamond Matki Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya, Decorative Diya for Pooja


Brass 5 Stone Diamond Nag Deep Crystal Oil Lamp, Akhand Diya for Home


Brass 6 Stone Diamond Matki Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya, Pooja Items for Home Temple


Brass 6 Stone Diamond Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya, Decorative Diya for Pooja


Brass 7 Stone Diamond Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya, Brass Crystal Akhand Diya


Brass 8 Stone Diamond Matki Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya, Brass Crystal Akhand Diya


Brass Aarti Diya for Home Temple & Pooja Room, Spiritual Gift Item


Brass Akhand Diya for Home Temple (Small Size), Decorative Diya for Pooja


Brass Akhand Diya for Home Temple, Pooja Items for Gift, Brass Oil Lamp for Pooja


Brass Akhand Diya Lamp (Medium), Home Decor Lamp


Brass Akhand Diya Oil Lamp for Pooja Room (Extra Large Size), Deepak for Home


Brass Auto Rickshaw for Home Decor (12 x 7 CM), Rickshaw for Showpiece


Brass Balchandra Ganesha Idol for Home, Ganesha Statue for Gift


Brass Bhuvanpati Ganesha Statue, Brass Lotus Ganesh Idol for Gift


Brass Big Right Trunk Ganesha Wall Hanging with Bell, Brass Wall Hanging Diya